The musical family who have played for royalty and are set to top the charts

They are already rightly, famous from their performances for royalty and on stages around the world.

Now the Kanneh-Mason siblings, aged between 11 and 24, look set to top the charts for their first recording together.

While lockdown has meant cancelled performances in Australia and Antigua, it did mean that they could rehearse alongside each other for as long as they liked.

And that in turn meant their long held desire to record an album of music for children, along the lines of Peter and the Wolf, could be realised.

Carnival was recorded at Abbey Road studios, a true family album featuring Isata, Braimah, Sheku, Konya, Jeneba, Aminata and Mariatu.

The album also features new poems written by Michael Morpurgo set to music and read by him as well as Oscar winning actress Olivia Colman.

The album also features new poems read out by Oscar-winning Olivia Colman. Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

The family will also be performing their first concert for many  months, next week at the Barbican in London.

The family’s fame began five years ago when they reached the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent.

In 2016 Sheku, their third eldest made history by winning the BBC Young Musician of the Year award, becoming the first Black performer to achieve this. 

But it was his 2018 performance at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that made him a household name and ignited interest in the entire family.

Cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason, who has been honoured with an MBE Credit: Mark Allan/BBC/PA

Parents, Kadiatu and Stuart played instruments in their childhood but are not musicians themselves. 

Their children went to state schools, where music teaching was a core part of the curriculum, and this says Kadiatu, was what set them on the path to their music careers.

Studying further at the Royal Academy of Music and being invited to play around the world, has made these extraordinary young people role models. 

After being asked to share the family’s story many times by other parents, Kadiatu has written a book House of Music, detailing each child’s musical path. 

It is a story of sacrifice, not least financially by the parents, and utter dedication by the music loving children.