Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp helps pupil overcome new school anxiety with heartwarming letter

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Geraint Vincent

An 11-year-old boy was thrilled to receive a letter of encouragement from Jurgen Klopp as he started at a new secondary school.

The Liverpool manager wrote to Lewis Balfe after the schoolboy wrote to him about the stress and anxiety he had about moving to a new school.

In the letter, Klopp wrote: "Can I start by telling you a secret? I get nervous.

"To be totally honest, I would be worried if I did not get nervous because when it happens it gives me the chance to turn that energy into something positive.

"I know it might be stranger for a boy of your age to think that the Liverpool manager can feel the way that you do but I do.

"You asked me what I do when my players feel this way and the answer is simple - I remind them of how important they are to me and how much I believe in them and I have no doubt that it will be exactly the same for your family with you."

"I don't get many letters," Lewis said.

"I pulled it out and read it and I saw it was from Jurg Klopp."

Six weeks in to the new term, he has overcome his fears about starting at his new secondary school and already made several new friends.