Police shut down wedding reception flaunting Covid rules with more than 100 guests

Police in London have cracked down on a "dangerous and foolish" wedding reception that broke Covid rules with more than 100 guests in attendance.

Wedding receptions in England are limited to a maximum of 15 guests under coronavirus guidance, and social distancing measures must be followed.

The Metropolitan Police said it found "more than 100 people crowded into the venue" in west London, describing it as a "clear breach of the regulations".

The force has referred the owner of the venue for the maximum possible fine for coronavirus rule breakers - a sum of £10,000.

Officers from the force were called to the Tudor Rose in Southall shortly after 6.30pm on Tuesday, October 13.

Police bodycam footage shows a crowd of guests, with one heard questioning if what they were doing was even wrong: "No-one's self isolating, so?"

One guest says "thanks for a lovely night" as police clear the venue, while other members of the party are heard organising "a cab" journey away from the site.

Police officers cleared the venue of more than 100 guests. Credit: Metropolitan Police

In a statement the Met Police said: "As officers walked through the venue, they saw no clear evidence that guests were maintaining social distancing, nor were guests taking any reasonable steps to protect others and prevent transmitting the virus."

Area Commander, Chief Superintendent Peter Gardner, described the incident as "a dangerous and foolish breach of the regulations"

He added: "Restrictions on large gatherings, such as weddings, have been in place for months and quite frankly there can be no excuse for this flagrant and arrogant violation of the law.

"There was clearly no attempt by the venue owner to enforce the regulations or keep their patrons safe – it is for this reason we have reported them for a £10,000 fine."

The Met said it would be "redoubling efforts to clamp down" on Covid rule breakers as cases in the capital rise.