American Voices: Alabama roommates at odds on Trump, Biden and US election

In the second of a series of short films, ITV News asks Americans how they are feeling ahead of the US presidential election.

Is President Trump good for the US or has his stance on Covid cost lives? Is his rival Joe Biden really controlled by the left? Or does he offer a solution to a divided nation?

Produced by: Sophie Alexander

Arman Sheffield and his college roommate Darius Thomas are both heading to the polls for the first time this election.

They are both 20-years-old, both come from single parent, low income households, both the first people in their families to go to university and are African-Americans.

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While they share a lot in common, who they are voting for on November 3 is very different.

"President Trump, I have my reservations, like I think a lot of people do," said Darius.

  • Arman and Darius discuss Democrats voting Democrats

"But the reason I'll be voting for him is because I am a fan of his policies.

"I do think he was doing quite a good job before corona came."

Arman disagrees. He will be voting for Biden, but feels the Democratic Party take African-American voters for granted at the ballot box.

  • Darius reveals his brother was killed by police

He said: "I don't feel conflicted voting for Joe Biden because I know the alternative is Donald Trump."

Despite their differences, they understand the importance of civility and respecting the other's democratic decision.

"We can argue all day about politics but he's still gonna be one of my best friends afterwards," says Arman.

"I feel like that's the beauty of politics we're missing nowadays... at the end of the day, whether we agree or disagree, shouldn't matter, because we're all Americans."