Friends stuck in Florence Covid-19 quarantine for two months return to UK

Three friends who were stuck in quarantine in Italy for two months have all returned home to the UK.

Twenty-year-old Quinn Paczesny and Rhys James, 23, arrived back in the UK on Saturday, following more than two months stuck isolation centre in Florence, where they were teaching English.

Their return comes just days after Will Castle, 22, was allowed to fly home having provided two negative Covid-19 tests, as was required by Italian law to be released from quarantine.

Mr Paczesny and Mr James left Italy after the law was changed, making it possible to end isolation if one could provide a solitary negative test result.

Following a pasta-based diet in Florence, Mr Paczesny had a simple request upon his return for wine and a Chinese takeaway.

Mr James said: “None of us knew each other before, we came out to work in Italy.

"It’s experiences like this that are so unique, it’s just going to bond us for life. As soon as these restrictions end, hopefully we can all meet up and see each other again.”