A black British Prime Minister in our lifetime? Why not? says history-making Vogue photographer Misan Harriman

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Vogue photographer Misan Harriman said Britain could see a black Prime Minister "in our lifetime" after a year of activism which he documented on camera.

Speaking to ITV News as part of a special series for Black History Month, Misan said after powerful images of Black Lives Matter protests were shared around the world people should "keep pushing" for change.

Protestor photographed by Misan Harriman during a BLM protest this year in London Credit: Misan Harriman

He also praised the Obamas for 'planting the seeds of change' during their time at The White House.

"Just the very vision of them [the Obamas] over eight years, Michelle Obama being the extraordinary mother and leader in her own right. That planted a seed in so many people saying ‘you know, I can do that’ whether American or British," said Misan.

"Only time will tell but I am not worried about what is going to happen in our political landscape in a few generations from now. We just have to keep pushing to make sure we get someone who can effect change that is representative of a multi-cultural Britain," he added.

Misan made history this year after becoming the first black man in British Vogue's 104 year history to shoot the front cover. It's an achievement made even more remarkable when you find out he only picked up a camera three years ago.

Marcus Rashford and Adwoa Aboah in the September issue of British Vogue Credit: British Vogue

"I found what I believed was my calling, to be a storyteller that uses culture and imagery to bring light to the human condition. I’ve kept that wonder that you have in your youth which has allowed me to dare to dream,” said Misan.

His work was propelled onto the front cover of one of the country's most famous magazines when his images from the London Black Lives Matter protest caught the eye of British Vogue Editor-in-Chief Edward Enninful.

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Antoine Allen was speaking to Misan Harriman at the Everyman Cinema in King's Cross as part of 'Black Voices - In Conversation', a special series by ITV News during Black History Month 2020.