US Election: Barack Obama holds first in-person event for Democratic candidate Joe Biden

As the US election draws near to the end, A-listers are rolling out in support for their candidates.

For the Democrats, they don't get much bigger than former President Barack Obama.

Mr Obama is taking to the stage in Philadelphia, the city where, on the eve of the 2016 election, tens of thousands crowded together to hear him and Hillary Clinton speak.

The pandemic means the scenes will be very different, as thousands will listen on their radio, but then Joe Biden is hoping the outcome of the election will be too.

Mr Obama said: "The government is us - by and for the people", while highlighting that young people need to get out and participate.

He added: "It wasn't always for all of us but the way it's designed, it works based on who's at the table. And if you do not vote, then you are not at the table and yes, stuff is done to you. If you're at the table, then you're part of the solution."

When Mr Obama was asked what gives him hope, the former president said: "I've never lost hope over these last four years.

"I've been mad, I've been frustrated, but I never lost hope. Because I never expected progress to move directly in a straight line."

His comments comes a on the same day Donald Trump was bound for North Carolina on as he delivered what his campaign sees as his closing message.

"This is an election between a Trump super recovery and a Biden depression," the president said in Erie, Pennsylvania.

"You will have a depression the likes of which you have never seen.”

He added: "If you want depression, doom and despair, vote for Sleepy Joe. And boredom."