US election: Barack Obama takes to the campaign trail for the Biden Harris ticket

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Emma Murphy

When it comes to the Democrats there's no one better to deploy than President Obama.

For so many he remains the example of all the party achieved and all it lost.

That's why in swing states across the United States he's going to be out campaigning for his old friend and Vice President Joe Biden in the coming days. 

The polls may be looking good but he's taking nothing for granted.

Six points can vanish in the polling booth.

The fury, sadness and bitterness at what happened in 2016 is evident in every sentence he speaks.

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That's why he is back on the trail determined to get the vote out. He has particular appeal with young voters and black voters.

As the Democrat who handed the keys to a Republican, he knows better than most what happens when those groups fail to cast their ballot.

President Obama out on the campaign trail for Biden and Harris. Credit: AP

In the past four years he's witnessed the sustained dismantling of his eight years in the White House.

How sweet a moment to see his friend and deputy dismantle the Trump White House

I get the feeling he's cleared his diary until November 3.