In Pennsylvania voters 'like what Donald Trump does but not what he says'

Sometimes an interviewee’s best answer comes just as the camera is turned off. And so it was with Jimmy Harris a farmer from Pennsylvania. 

He fears for the future of America, dreads the disunity which may dog his children’s childhoods yet is likely to vote for another four years of Donald Trump.

“I like what Trump does not what he says,” he told me. “But Biden is a lifelong politician. I like what he says and the way he says it but not what he eventually does.” 

That view was shared by many we spoke to in Pennsylvania.

They may have found the President unpalatable at times but they’ve had good years.

There is a belief that he has delivered on the economy and that may yet deliver him this state.

It would be a big win for Team Trump and big blow for Team Biden. Pennsylvania is key for them both. 

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