Black Voices In Conversation: Angel Arutura on growing up black in Northern Ireland

Black Voices In Conversation is a new series of interviews by ITV News to mark Black History Month.

We’ve spoken to groundbreaking individuals from the black community to learn about their life experiences and to hear their vision for the future.

ITV’s Lola Lawal sat down with student activist and podcaster Angel Arutura to talk about how she was born and raised in Northern Ireland, but struggled with issues of identity until finding the confidence to embrace her Zimbabwean heritage in a predominantly white country.

The 20-year-old grew up feeling like she did not belong, but now wants to encourage others to not be afraid to speak up, challenge racism and to be proud of who they are.

“I have a little sister – she’s 10 now,” Angel said.

“I need her to know that black is beautiful, her natural hair is beautiful, her cultural features are beautiful.

"I really wanted to be a positive role model for her to look up to.”