Unrest in Philadelphia after shooting of Walter Wallace shows racial turmoil in US has still not been addressed

A curfew is in place in Philadelphia as police try and contain the disturbances here.

It is stretching from 9pm until 6am. 

For the second night running on Tuesday, there were scuffles and arrests here - as protesters clashed with police on these streets.

It follows the police killing of a man armed with a knife.

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It has brought the issues of race and policing back onto the agenda at a critical time in this election campaign.

Some of the protesters we are meeting are residents demanding justice in their community, but there are also those here looking for trouble.

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It was on Monday afternoon that police confronted a man carrying a knife but who did not appear to be an immediate threat.

The killing of Walter Wallace has created outrage - with residents saying the use of lethal force was wildly disproportionate.

His parents say Walter needed help amid a mental health crisis.

The protests have been hijacked by a small group of looters.

Local  stores were ransacked, and police made little effort to contain this breakdown of law and order.

It is a familiar pattern: a police shooting has triggered protests, that in turn is being exploited by looters, and then it is certain to be used by Donald Trump in his re-election bid.

Joe Biden - after casting his ballot on Wednesday  - was quick to denounce the violence, while defending the Black Lives Matter movement.

What's unfolding here is a reminder of how the policing issues that triggered racial turmoil of the summer have not been addressed.

America's open wound has not even begun to heal as the country heads towards Election day.

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