England's Covid lockdown: Can I still go on holiday and what should I do if I've booked a trip?

International travel will be banned unless for essential work purposes. Credit: PA

England's new Covid lockdown means holidays are off the cards, with all but essential travel being advised against.

International travel out of the country, except for essential work reasons, will be banned and anyone returning to England will be forced to quarantine for two weeks.

Those who are already on holiday will be able to return to the UK but do not have to cut their holidays short,

So what are the rules and what should you do if you have a holiday booked?

What do the new rules say about holidays?

The national lockdown for people in England prohibits day trips and holidays, as those are not among the specific reasons for leaving home such as attending school or going to the supermarket.

This also includes staying in a second home.

Flights are likely to be cancelled in the coming days. Credit: AP

What if I'm on holiday in the UK?

"Those currently on a domestic holiday will be allowed to finish their holidays, but are still subject to the requirements in England not to go out without a reasonable excuse," guidance states.

What if I’m already abroad?

Travellers are not required to return from their trips early.

Airlines are responsible under consumer law to bring travellers home, but flight schedules will be slashed in response to the drop in demand, meaning many people will be forced to change their travel dates.

I thought we could go to the Canary Islands?

It is less than two weeks since the government removed the quarantine requirement for people returning from the Spanish islands.

This led to airlines putting on extra flights to cope with the surge in bookings.

If you are already on holiday or due to fly before Thursday, you do not have to cut your trip short. Credit: PA

Will travel corridors continue?

The prime minister did not mention travel corridors in his Saturday night press conference, meaning people arriving from some areas are likely to continue being exempt from quarantine.

But the lockdown means the number of travellers will be diminished anyway.

Will I get my money back if I’ve booked a holiday I can no longer go on?

If your flight is still going ahead and nothing has changed in your destination, you are not automatically entitled to a refund.

But many aircraft are likely to be grounded from Thursday due to the new restrictions, meaning people with existing bookings will be due a refund.

Jet2 said passengers can amend their bookings without having to pay a fee and they would get in touch with travellers "to advise them of their options" if their trips are subject to any changes.

Tui said holidays booked with them between Novemer 5 and December 2 will not go ahead.

The travel firm said it would contact passengers to let them know what their options are in terms of rebooking or getting a refund.

Packages booked with other operators should check with them specifically.

If your flights are still going ahead - for example British Airways, EasyJet and Ryanair have said they will operate up to 30% capacity during lockdown - you have no legal right to a refund.

British Airways said they would contact passengers whose flights had been affected.

Some airlines will offer vouchers to be used at a later date instead.

Anyone who is due to travel should contact their airline or tour operator.

If I am entitled to a refund, how quickly will I get my cash?

UK consumers are protected under European laws which state that they should receive full cash refunds within seven days for cancelled flights and 14 days for package holidays that do not take place.

But since the coronavirus outbreak many people have faced difficulties obtaining payouts from airlines and holiday firms.

That situation is likely to continue over the coming weeks.

If you are unsure about being refunded you should get in touch with your travel insurance provider.