Marcus Rashford wants youth to enjoy 'safe zones' as he teams up with Burberry

Marcus Rashford has teamed up with Burberry. Credit: Burberry

Marcus Rashford has teamed up with Burberry to help disadvantaged young people - saying he wants the next generation to have the same “safe zone” he had.

The fashion house is supporting youth organisations in the UK and charities with a global reach.

Among those receiving their help are Norbrook Youth Club and Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre, which are both youth centres Rashford attended in his childhood.

On the importance of youth centres, he said: “A lot of this is off my experience and what helped me, youth centres were a massive one.

“It allowed me to not only have fun and improve a lot of things to do with sports, but also it gave me the opportunity to have the right food I needed and drinks and stuff like that.

“It was like our safe zone in our community and we want as many children to feel comfortable doing what they love to do in the community.”

Youth volunteers from the two clubs will be coming together as part of the partnership to help charities in the Wythenshawe area, which is where they are based and Rashford grew up.

In London, Burberry is working with London Youth, which supports a network of more than 600 community youth organisations.

Fifteen youth centres jointly selected by Burberry and London Youth will receive grants so they can “continue to make a positive impact” in some of London's most deprived communities.

On an international level, the partnership will reach out to global funds and charities abroad to tackle challenges such as closing the nutrition gaps.

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While Rashford welcomes businesses chipping in with help to solve food poverty – praising Burberry for being “on [his] side straight away” – he said the government must ultimately take responsibility.

Having met families, Rashford says there are many “begging for change” and called for “greater understanding” in Westminster.

“Money obviously runs out and when it does run out what’s next?

“For me, there needs to be systems and support systems in place for when families are struggling so they can get direct help as quickly as possible.”

He added a longer-term plan is “exactly what’s needed” as the “plan we’re on at the moment has not worked for a long time”.