Why Donald Trump is going all out for the Latino vote

Supporters of President Donald Trump gather for a campaign rally at Opa-Locka Executive Airport. Credit: AP

The party's already starting in the queue.Swaying to the music pumping out 'Latinos por Donald Trump', hundreds and hundreds sashaying to the private airfield for what could be their hero's final blowout rally tour or celebration of a coming four more years.There's no mistaking the target audience tonight in this final frenzy for votes: the Latinos of Miami-Dade - who went big time for Hillary Clinton last time - who've been feeling the Trump love ever since he got elected.

And specifically a key part of the Latino vote - the Cubans, Venezuelans, the Colombians.

Earlier in the evening we were chatting to one woman who said she'd felt so much love for the man who hates socialism, she had tears in her eyes.

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So I am sitting writing this on the riser reserved for the media.

We've already had some boos.

There are thousands here - crammed in - no social distancing, and very, very few masks. Plenty of fancy dress though - one man dressed as Superman in a Trump mask, a row of sequinned hats - and a vast sea of red MAGA caps.

The scene is quintessential Trump. It's a thumping show. 

This crowd has got to wait for hours - the President is due to land at 11.30pm.

There was plenty of fancy dress at the rally, with one man dressed as Superman in a Trump mask, Credit: AP

But in the heat of the night - there is a live Latino band - and we've already had the obligatory We are the Champions and Eye of the Tiger - they've just burst into Keep on Rockin in the Free World.

There are bright colours and there are lights - and that's before the Orange one arrives.

On the riser infront of us they are chanting 'Trump Trump Trump'.

Saturday night's full moon is just on the wane. Out of this sky soon will appear Donald Trump.

The audience is nothing less than pumped.

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