The first-time US election voters on why they're backing Trump and Biden

First-time voters could have a big role to play in the 2020 U.S. presidential election
Millions of first-time voters could have a big role to play in the 2020 election. Credit: Instagram: @thepatriotsisters/@juliaharrison12

By Rishi Davda, ITV News

Two men in their 70s are going to be relying on voters half a century younger than them to help make it into the Oval Office.

Donald Trump is seeking a second term as president, while Joe Biden is trying to put a Democrat back in the White House where he spent eight years serving as vice-president to Barack Obama.

Elections are peculiar at the best of times. People are more vocal about politics than usual. Celebrities come out and to try to get fans to back their preferred candidate, and we are inundated with polls. 

For people picking a president there is a real sense of patriotism and excitement in having a say on the future of the country. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are very different candidates.

They’re promising potential voters very different visions for America. So, we spoke to some who’ll be ticking a presidential box for the first time in their lives to find out who they're backing.

The sisters who are voting for Donald Trump

The Patriot Sisters, Isabella (L) and Christianna (R) are both first-time voters who are backing Donald Trump. Credit: Instagram: @thepatriotsisters

Sisters Christianna and Isabella Kinne, 21 and 20, are both students living in Texas. Growing up dancing and competing in pageants they’ll be voting for Donald Trump - the former owner of The Miss Universe organisation.

Isabella says that Trump "has kept all the promises that he made during the campaign years, and to see that happen is very rare in America". 

The pair have been to nine Trump rallies and Christianna notes that "one thing I love about him is, yes all presidents love America, but when he talks he truly loves America".

Such is their love for Donald Trump that Christianna and Isabella started the social media profile "The Patriot Sisters" on social media to "rise up and stand tall, fight back with truth and help our generation" when it comes to understanding what it means to be a "true American".

It’s not just Trump’s attitude towards the US but his policies that appeal to the sisters.

Christianna is a big fan of Trump’s "strong stance on immigration and protecting America first." She is also pro-life when it comes to abortion and "if a candidate ever came out and said they were pro-choice, that is a huge issue for me".

Christianna and Isabella believe Donald Trump will win a second-term in office. Credit: Instagram: @thepatriotsisters

The United States has seen 230,000 people die across the country from Covid and many have disapproved of Donald Trump’s reaction to the virus, but not The Patriot Sisters.

Isabella says that "he’s handled it very well and he’s only human. There is only so much you can do when it comes to something that it invisible in the US. I think he’s done an excellent job". Christianna adds that "if he hadn’t done what he did, we would have lost so many more lives".

Donald Trump is often accused of being too outspoken or un-presidential. It’s actually something appeals to the sisters as voters.

Christianna argued that "we’ve had diplomatic presidents before and they haven’t done anything, we changed it up in 2016 and let’s continue that. People need to remember that he (Trump) is from New York, born and raised, New Yorkers are like that, blunt and up-front."

'Why I'm voting for Joe Biden'

Julia Harrison will be backing Joe Biden Credit: Instagram: @juliaharrison12

Julia Harrison, a 21-year-old student from North Carolina, will be voting for Joe Biden.

At the heart of her reasoning for voting for Biden is the environment. She is drawn towards "his stance and belief that climate change is real".

She said: "I’m studying environmental engineering and in all my classes we learn the climate change is real, caused by humans. I learn how Trump has reversed efforts to mitigate climate change, like pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement."

There are plenty of other reasons why Julia feels that Biden is the right choice for president.

She says: "I also really support healthcare for all, everyone should have access to insurance and good healthcare. The minimum wage needs to be raised and that is something that Biden has on his ticket.

"We should be more accepting of people from different backgrounds, it seems like in the last 4 years we’ve gotten further and further away from being accepting of people with different genders, backgrounds - I just really want equity to be at the forefront of America."

Julia's passion for the environment is part of the reason she's voting for Joe Biden. Credit: Instagram: @juliaharrison12

When it comes to Covid, Julia has a very different view to Christianna and Isabella. She thinks "America has done a terrible job, I feel like we should have shut down stronger and harder".

"There are others who don’t think its real and that’s the biggest concern. Donald Trump not coming forward as soon as he knew the threat and telling people to be careful instead of putting the blame on China, that’s the worse thing that has happened."

"We need leadership that has a mandate for masks. I’m afraid America won’t be able to function properly until there is a vaccine distributed. I think there are a lot of Trump supporters who think that masks and cover precautions are against their civil liberties."

Julia says that being Biden supporter is not without its criticism. "I’m from a rural area.  Almost all of my family, besides a few, are strong Trump supporters. As well as a lot of people I went to high school with. I get a lot of criticism for it (being a Biden supporter).

"A lot of people think it’s because I’ve gone to college, but I’ve been pretty liberal in my views since I was young, I do get a lot of comments about supporting Biden, a lot of them are very misinformed."

We asked the first-time voters these quick fire questions:

  • Three words to describe Donald Trump?

Christianna and Isabella: Persistent, Fantastic and Patriotic.

Julia: Polarising, Dangerous and Manipulative.

  • Three words to describe Joe Biden?

Christianna and Isabella: Tired, Incompetent and Liar.

Julia: Alternative, Hope and Logical

  • Describe the past four years?

Christianna and Isabella: "They’ve been fantastic, there has been plenty of growth and the four years have been invigorating."

Julia: "They’ve been tumultuous, a lot has been going on. The last year I feel has been out of control."

  • Describe the next four years?

Christianna and Isabella: "It’s going to be a battle, I think Trump will be reelected". "I think we can expect to see some unrest across the country".

Julia: "I hope it will be a rebuilding period, especially post-coronavirus. A lot more unification, Biden will be the president for everyone, not just Democrats. I’m hoping the polarisation will die down if he is elected."

  • What do you want from a president?

Christianna and Isabella: "Someone who isn’t going to coddle us, but get the job done." "I just want somebody who loves America and is not going to take crap from anybody else."

Julia: "Leadership and to take the blame when necessary. And I want selflessness. A supporter of equity for all."

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