Donald Trump nurtures big Latino vote in Florida again

  • Video report by ITV News Presenter Julie Etchingham

One of the first major results of the night was in Florida, which went to Donald Trump.

The roots of Trump's victory here stretch right back to 2016.

He's nurtured the big Latino vote ever since: a potent message of anti-socialism aimed at Cuban and Venezuelan Americans and beyond.

But he didn't just sneak it - in what is known as the 1% state - this was a three point win - a significant blowout.

Political Analyst, Professor Kathryn Depalo-Gould told ITV News the Democrats will have to "figure out why they are losing this group of Hispanics" in Florida to Donald Trump.

Ms Depalo-Gould said: "I think around the country this race was so close, this was not something that Biden and the Democrats really imagined, so I think they are going to have to figure out why they are losing this group of Hispanics, in particular, that they really thought they had sured up."

Elizabeth Mosquera, who moved to the US from the Dominican Republic said her life has dramatically changed and she would never have achieved what she has in her home country.

ITV News Presenter Julie Etchingham reflects on the Latino and Hispanic vote that Donald Trump has managed to galvanise

She told ITV News: "I came here when I was 18-years-old and I know that in my country there is no way that I would have accomplished the things that I have accomplished here."

The state has predicted the winner in every Presidential election since 1996 - but is that a run that is about to be broken?