French Europe minister Clement Beaune 'optimistic' about Brexit fishing negotiations

  • Video report by ITV News Europe Editor James Mates

The Europe Minister of France - seen by some as the biggest roadblock to a post-Brexit trade deal - has told ITV News he is more optimistic about the talks now than he has been for a long time.

The issue of UK fishing waters has long been a sticking point in Brexit talks between France and the UK.

On the issue of French fishermen's access to British waters post-Brexit, Clement Beaune said: "I know how sensitive it is, how important it is taking back control. But the British party also has to understand that it is important to us."

But when asked if the whole Brexit deal could fall apart over the single issue of fish, Clement Beaune said: "I have heard this presentation again and again and I don't buy it, if I can be blunt."

As talks between the UK and the EU continue, signs from Europe suggest a deal could be reached by early December, just weeks before the deadline of the end of the year.