Priti Patel bullying allegations: Home secretary 'unlikely to be sacked' after 'breaking ministerial code'

A report into allegations of bullying by the Home Secretary Priti Patel has concluded that her behaviour broke the ministerial code, ITV News understands.The report was conducted following the resignation of the permanent secretary at the Home Office earlier this year, Sir Philip Rutnam.ITV News understands a summary of the report concluded that Ms Patel did indeed display bullying behaviour, including shouting and swearing.

ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston has more on Boris Johnson's reaction

But it also concluded that the Home Secretary may not have intended to cause upset, though that had been the effect.

It also found that civil servants had not always offered support or been flexible enough when dealing with Priti Patel.

The caveats are likely to mean that the home secretary will avoid losing her job, with the prime minister not expected to sack her.

  • Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds told ITV News that the decision has "all the hallmarks of a prime ministerial cover-up":

Boris Johnson is expected to give his official response to the report on Friday.

Ms Patel has always denied the accusations of bullying and expressed concern at the “false” claims.

Allies have described her as a “demanding” boss but not a bully.