Ethiopian government clashes with rebel forces and bombs the northern region of Tigray

  • Video report by ITV News Presenter Rageh Omaar

Fierce and bloody conflict resulting in a humanitarian disaster in Ethiopia is an all too familiar story. This time, the Ethiopian government has clashed with rebel forces, bombing the northern region of Tigray which they say is threatening the unity of the country. Minority ethnic leaders from Tigray dominated the country's politics since the early 1990s but lost their grip on power when Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister in 2018 . They are now hitting back.

An attack on a Ethiopian military base in the north earlier this month sparked fierce exchanges . A week ago, the separatist group fired rockets into neighbouring Eritrea which is supporting Ethiopia. ITV News Presenter Rageh Omaar has been looking at how 130,000 people have fled to Sudan and Eritrea to escape the violence, and what this means for the region and beyond.