'Nothing has been decided': The Welsh reaction to Westminster's Christmas plans

In Wales, authorities say nothing has been decided yet. Credit: PA

By ITV News Wales and West of England Correspondent Rupert Evelyn

The Westminster government may want to talk of “probable” Christmas plans, as revealed in Robert Peston’s blog, but the only thing the Welsh Government are saying tonight is that nothing has been decided.

Throughout the pandemic politicians in Cardiff Bay have, by their own admission, taken a more cautious approach to tightening or loosening restrictions on people.

Sources in Wales will only say nothing has yet been agreed on Christmas adding that there will be further discussions this week before any announcement is made.

If Westminster is trying to force the hand of the Labour Government in Wales by announcing details that haven’t been decided yet is more likely to cause division on the issue than deliver the unified approach advocated by both sides.

Politics between the two nations have often been on display throughout this crisis and it would seem tonight’s Christmas briefing is arguably another example of it.