Secrets Of Your Online Christmas: Tonight

This year with two national lockdowns our lives have been changed and so too has the way we shop.

Online sales are up by over 60% in the UK.

In the UK, online sales have increased over four hundred percent in the past decade. 

Tonight commissioned a poll of two thousand people - 76% said they would be doing some or all Christmas gift shopping online this year.

The High street retailers have had a terrible year with trading restrictions impacting sales. John Lewis has found it difficult too with the announcement of fifteen hundred job losses.

But, their online sales have rocketed in 2020 and, they say plenty of us have been looking to start Christmas early this year.

Our business will grow by 30% online this year compared with last year.  But we’ve seen a huge surge for Christmas, people searching for Christmas products in August up 400%.

Pippa Wicks - Executive Director, John Lewis

With a surge in sales online comes an increased need for deliveries, and industry body Logistics UK has reported a rise in driver numbers across the sector.

In Q2 this year we know that there were two hundred and sixty thousand van drivers and we also know that there are still vacancies.

Elizabeth De Jong - Policy Director, Logistics UK

Anna-Jane Casey, actress

Anna-Jane Casey has been a performer on the west end stage for 32 years. In February she was performing in Girl From The North Country at the Gielgud Theatre.  Then COVID hit, the country went into its first lockdown, and theatres were closed indefinitely.

That’s when Anna-Jane and her actor husband bought a van and got jobs as a delivery driver to pay their household bills. But it’s not been easy money...

When we first started it was 80 parcels, and we thought, we'd never be able to get rid of those in a day. Yesterday,  I had a hundred and ninety three, some of the guys, they've got hundreds two, three hundred parcels a day.

Anna-Jane Casey
Anna-Jane Casey is currently a Hermes delivery driver, and dispels the idea that actors have a lot of money in their savings.

With our day to day lives still far from normal it’s not just deliveries of presents people will be relying on - many will be getting the festive food shop delivered too. 

Last month saw an astonishing  99.2% year on year increase in online grocery shopping. 

Peter Login is one of 16,500 delivery drivers for Tesco. Like Anna-Jane he’s new to the job. He’s been doing it for 7 months and prior to that was an airline pilot with British Airways. But earlier this year he was one of an estimated 10,000 redundancies at B.A.

I've been a pilot for about fifteen years.  Commercially I've been flying for about five years. it's always been my dream, and always wanted to do it. So, a bit of a shame that it's come to an end.

Peter Login, delivery driver

Tonights Poll of 2000 people full results.

1. Which of the following best describes you when it comes to online shopping?

I regularly shop online 60.35%           1207

I sometimes shop online     32.90% 658

I rarely shop online 5.55% 111

I have never shopped online before 1.20% 24

2. Are you/would you be more or less likely to order an item online if it comes with 'free delivery'?

More likely 76.55% 1531

No difference 20.50% 410Less likely 1.05%   21

Not sure 1.90%   38

3. Are you/would you be put off buying online if there was a charge to return your item, to a store?

Yes - this would put me off 70.35% 1407

No - this wouldn't affect me 16.90% 338

Not sure 12.75% 255

4. How confident are you that you know what your rights are/would be as a consumer when shopping online?

Very confident 13.20% 264

Somewhat confident 60.30% 1206

Not very confident 22.20% 444

Not at all confident 4.30%   86

5. If you've ever had a delivery arrive which you weren't satisfied with the condition of, have you complained about this?

Yes - I've been dissatisfied with a delivery and complained 50.46%      997

No - I've been dissatisfied with a delivery but haven't complained 18.52%      366

N/A - I've never been dissatisfied with a delivery 31.02%      613

6. Are you planning to do your shopping online for Christmas gifts this year?

Yes - I plan to do all of my shopping online 24.65% 493

Yes - I plan to do some of my shopping online 51.85% 1037

No 8.15% 163

Not sure yet 11.50% 230

N/A - I do not celebrate Christmas 3.85% 77

7. Is this the first year you have shopped for Christmas presents online?

Yes - this is the first year 17.45% 266

No - I have done this in the past 82.55%           1258

8. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement? 'I feel anxious about purchasing Christmas gifts online.'

Strongly agree 8.24% 126

Somewhat agree 20.78% 318

Neither agree nor disagree 18.95% 290

Somewhat disagree 28.56% 437

Strongly disagree 23.46% 359

Fiona Foster presents ITV Tonight’s Secrets Of Your Online Christmas, on ITV at 7:30pm (Thursday 26th November) and on the ITV Hub.