Lord Hall on Diana Panorama interview: 'I investigated at the time but look forward to Lord Dyson inquiry'

Lord Tony Hall - the BBC's Head of News when the Princess Diana Panorama interview aired - says he "investigated at the time" but looks forward to taking part in Lord Dyson's independent inquiry into how the interview was secured.

The former BBC Director-General is one of the individuals set to take part in the inquiry following renewed controversy around Martin Bashir's 1995 interview.

Speaking to ITV News, Lord Hall confirmed he would engage with the fresh investigation adding it is "the proper way to go about things".

He added: "I'm going to take part in the Inquiry, I think Lord Dyson is the right way [...] he's doing all the right things, and I will take part in that inquiry and I shall say what I want to say to Lord Dyson.

"I investigated at the time, I will take part in the lord Dyson inquiry and I look forward to telling him what I think."

The investigation will focus on claims false bank statements were produced to help secure the on-camera interview with Diana.