Dawn French awaits 'fantastic cultural explosion' when theatres can reopen

  • Video report by ITV News Presenter Lucrezia Millarini

Dawn French says there will be a “fantastic cultural explosion” when the venues which have been forced to close during the pandemic reopen once again.

Speaking to ITV News Presenter Lucrezia Millarini, the Victor of Dibley actor said she is “grief stricken” that theatres have been forced to close over the lockdown.

“I feel a bit insulted on behalf of people in the theatre industry,” French said.

“The minute those venues are open, you just watch what happens, there is going to be an explosion of amazing talent, people have had time to write and that’s what people don’t get the chance to do.

"I’m just keeping fingers crossed, and waiting for this fantastic cultural explosion to happen."

The Victor of Dibley will be returning to our screens this Christmas and the actor wonders what Geraldine would have been doing over the lockdown.

“She’d be ministering to her parishioners via webcam that’s what she’d be doing.”

French also spoke about her new book, Because of You, which explores themes of identity and families and the idea of who makes us who we are.

"Are we made of the kind of DNA that is flowing through our veins or are we made of whoever steps up for us," French muses.