Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross on keeping Scotland in the UK and his love for Atomic Kitten

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross is the latest guest on the Acting Prime Minister podcast.Mr Ross said his first move as Prime Minister would be to unite the union through the message of "positivity".Mr Ross said: “The SNP and Nationalists try to sell their vision for a separate Scotland on a positive argument, they’re telling us it will be a land of milk and honey, everything will be great if we were only separate from the rest of the UK.“And I disagree with that.”

The MP for Moray added: “There has been a lack of positivity on the other side of the argument to remind people about the benefits we get as Scots being part of the union."The MP has previously insisted devolution has not been a disaster which Prime Minister Boris Johnson had suggested last month.Mr Ross told ITV News that another Independence Referendum was not an option to "simply rerun the same arguments".

Before he started his career in politics, Mr Ross spent time in the farming community in Moray where his father was a farm worker. “All I was interested in was milking cows and it’s still a passion of mine,” Mr Ross admitted.

In his free time, the party leader judges cows at cattle shows and he suspects he got his pet Dalmatian because the black and white patches remind him of his the farm animal.His career in farming isn’t the only job he does on the side.Mr Ross is a qualified football referee and thinks the role helps him as a politician, he said: “People think we just get abuse for 90 minutes and why should anyone like to do it but I think it’s quite a good contrast to politics because in many ways it’s the same, in terms of you’ve got split second decisions to take.“Sometimes they’re unpopular and you’ve got to have the confidence to give those decisions but you’re also part of a team.”

When not in a field or on a football pitch, Mr Ross is focused on becoming First Minister of Scotland in next year’s Holyrood elections.He believes anyone who gets into politics should "aim for the top job" and even hopes to see Scottish Prime Minister in Downing Street one day. The MP reckons he has better moves than former Prime Minister Theresa May, confessing he's made a routine to Atomic Kitten's song hit song ‘Whole Again’.Listen to the full interview with Douglas Ross below, or watch it on YouTube at the top of this page