Tiers to that: Two pubs less than 100ft apart - one in Tier 2, the other in Tier 3 and forced to close

Right, the Old Hare and Hounds, currently closed, 95 ft (29 metres) away the Tier 2 Joe Joe Jims where you can enjoy a pint with a substantial meal. Credit: Facebook

Two pubs just metres apart have been put in different Covid tiers, with one forced to close its doors while its neighbour can open.

The Old Hare and Hounds and bar Joe Joe Jim's are a scotch egg's throw from each other, yet their fates are very different.

The Old Hare and Hounds falls into the West Midlands and with it the Tier 3 restrictions the region is currently under.

Meanwhile, one minute walk away is Joe Joe Jims that - despite having the same postcode as its neighbour - is in Tier 2 Worcestershire which means the bar can open its doors (serving substantial meals, of course).

Coronavirus will tier us apart: Just metres apart, the two pubs are having very different Decembers. Credit: Google Maps

A regular at the Old Hare and Hounds told The Sun: “We are a driveway apart from each other, but it’s like we are living in a different world.

“It seems to make no sense at all. How can it be safe to drink in one pub but not next door?

“No one here can get their head around it. It’s crazy.”

Another customer told the paper: “It makes zero sense. We’re gutted for them. It must be so frustrating. It’s five metres — madness.”