Millwall fans cheer as players link arms and unveil anti-racism banner

Millwall and Queens Park Rangers players hold up an Equality United For Change banner prior to kick-off during the Sky Bet Championship match at The Den, London. Credit: PA

Millwall football fans have clapped and cheered their players as the team linked arms and unveiled an anti-racism banner ahead of their match against QPR, just days after spectators boo-ed the team when they took a knee in support of BLM.

Millwall announced earlier on Monday that instead of taking a knee for the fixture, players will link arms in "a show of solidarity for football’s fight against discrimination."

A banner which read "Equality - United For Change" was unveiled by players prior to the match starting.

QPR players stood shoulder to shoulder with their Millwall counterparts prior to kick off and many took the knee, having opted in recent weeks not to make the gesture as they felt it only diluted the Black Lives Matter movement.

The English Football League stressed the importance of any gestures aimed at eradicating discrimination, and said players should be "applauded: for their choices in that respect.

"EFL players who have chosen to ‘take the knee’ before games or participate in similar types of initiatives are using their platform in front of millions across the world to make a statement about eradicating all types of prejudiced behaviour, encouraging attitudinal changes and creating unity," the statement continued.

"Players often receive widespread criticism and negativity for merely doing their jobs but here they are leading the way, trying to effect positive change and they should be applauded for taking a stand, showing solidarity and setting an example for others to follow."