Who writes this script? William Shakespeare becomes second person to receive Covid-19 vaccine

You couldn't write this script... the second person to receive the coronavirus vaccine was 81-year-old William Shakespeare at a hospital in Coventry.

Mr Shakespeare received the vaccination a the same hospital as Magaret Keenan, who was the first person to get the approved Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on Tuesday morning.

He said: “I need to say, the staff at this hospital are wonderful.”

Mr Shakespeare, who goes by the name Bill, is local to his namesake’s county of birth, Warwickshire.

He and Ms Keenan became the first to get the vaccine because they were already at the hospital when the vaccine ward opened for the first time at 6.30am.

The 50 hospitals in the UK that have been provided the first doses of the vaccine are planning to provide it to vulnerable elderly patients who are already on their wards or have an appointment.

They will also be providing it to their at-risk staff.

Some 14 locations are beginning vaccinations on Tuesday.

The pair will need to have another jab in three weeks' time and then have to wait a further week before they become fully immune which will be around the second week of January.