Brexit: UK reaches a fisheries deal - but not the one we've all been waiting for

Fish has been a sticking point of the Brexit trade talks. Credit: PA

The UK has done a fisheries deal - of sorts. Before anyone gets too excited, it’s not the trade deal that unblocks negotiations with the EU, although it's a deal nonetheless.

For the first time, the UK was sitting independently of the EU - along with Norway, Iceland, the Faroes Islands and Greenland - as they collectively agreed on the total weights they would catch of certain species in 2021.

A more hotly-anticipated fisheries deal is yet to be reached. Credit: PA

It is a significant moment but agreeing how much mackerel, herring or blue whiting they will all take out of the North-East Atlantic is the easy bit.

Far more complicated, is who gets what. 

Most of the fish is in UK waters and with it being valued at hundreds of millions of pounds, an agreement on sharing will be an altogether different deal to catch.