No new deadline set for Brexit talks

Neither side wants to be the first to walk away from negotiations. Credit: AP

Another Brexit deadline has come and gone. 

Sunday's self-imposed deadline has failed to spur either side into moving from the trenches. 

As Steven Gerrard would say, "we go again."

Fishing and the level-playing field remain the obstacles here, as we've known for months.

It's felt a deal can be found on the former, but the latter will require one side to move on a major point of principle.

Neither side right now are showing signs publicly of budging.Steven Gerrard would also warn of course "not to let this slip", but time is slipping away rather rapidly. 

One stand-out point from the joint statement issued by Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen is the lack of a new deadline, a new cut-off point. Talks will simply continue.

The only real deadline is December 31.

The danger therefore is discussions going on and on with neither side willing to be the one to walk away (taking the blame) and calling no deal, but no deal happening almost by accident.

To see this with rose-tinted specs on for a moment, the UK and the EU are still at the table, and they're still talking.