Two men jailed for supporting Daesh recruitment network

  • Video report by ITV News Global Security Editor Rohit Kachroo

Two men have been jailed in Portugal for supporting a jihadist recruitment network that delivered citizens from Britain and Portugal to Syria to fight for Daesh.

The Lisbon Criminal Court sentenced Rómulo Costa and Cassimo Turé to prison for nine years and eight and a half years respectively on Tuesday.

The court had ruled that it could not be proven the two had joined Daesh or intended to travel to Syria themselves.

Instead, they helped family members despite being well aware of their activities.

For example, Costa gave his passport to help his brother reach Syria, while Turé was with his brother when he was arrested at Gatwick Airport for terrorism.

When approached by ITV News in July in London, Turé said he knew nothing about the allegations made by Portuguese prosecutors.

"I don’t know Nero, I don’t know this dude," he said.

Rohit Kachroo speaking in December 2019 explains how the recruitment process worked: