England player Reece James helps charity deliver meals

Video report by ITV News Reporter Helen Keenan

Chelsea and England footballer Reece James has been quietly giving up his spare time over the last 18 months to help feed London's most vulnerable people by working with The Felix Project.

Inspired by Marcus Rashford, he decided this year to be more vocal about his work - including how he spent his Christmas break.

The right-back spoke to ITV News of his "opportunity and power to help others" as he joined The Felix Project’s founder Justin Byam Shaw to pick up luxury food and ingredients from Fortnum & Mason to deliver to homeless shelters.

He told ITV News: "I've got the opportunity and the power to help so I think helping others is not going to harm me, it's only going to benefit other people.

"I think that's what it has mainly come down to, it did not take a lot from me and it can go a long way for loads of other people.

"There's obviously homeless people who need food and there are families who have a roof over their head but they don't have enough money to put food on the table."