Covid: Brother of man who died aged 36 - 'We didn't feel there was a great threat as we're relatively young'

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Martha Fairlie

The brother of an otherwise 'fit' man, who died aged just 36, has issued a plea for people not to ignore their coronavirus symptoms - whatever your age.

James Jordan, 40, and his younger brother, David, began self isolating in Salisbury on the 29th of December. They never imagined that five days later, 36-year-old David would be dead.

David was a keen swimmer and runner and had been out jogging on Christmas morning. Credit: ITV News

Older brother James told ITV News: "His symptoms worsened very quickly. The most evidence I felt was that he would struggle to walk up the stairs.

"That evening we should have contacted 111 as his breathing was getting more difficult. We didn't, because we're at a relatively young age.

"We didn't feel there was a great threat to us and very sadly I found him passed away in the morning."

The brothers began self-isolating on December 29 but five days later, David sadly died. Credit: James Jordan/ITV News

The brothers had thought they were safe from becoming seriously ill. And James is warning no matter how young or old, nobody should underestimate how dangerous or devastating Covid-19 can be.

"People must take this seriously," James warns. "Not just older people - but anybody - thirties, forties, fifties, all very young.

"We all think we're fit and we all are very fit but if your symptoms are worsening do not ignore them - that has to be my message: you've got to go and get advice."