Donald Trump: This is where the 45th US President could go after he leaves the White House

  • Video report by ITV News Senior International Correspondent John Irvine

The one place Donald Trump will always have when he leaves the White House, after losing November's 2020 presidential election, is Florida.

It's where his Mar-a-Lago mansion is and voters in Florida stuck by him in the election when other close-run states did not.

The crown jewel of Trump's property empire - this 20-acre estate, on the billionaires' paradise island Palm Beach, stretches from shore to shore - hence the name which translates from Spanish as Sea to Lake.

But has the Sunshine State's support for Mr Trump now been clouded by the riots from pro-Trump fans which unfolded at the US Capitol building?

The Mar-a-Lago is poised to be known as something else as well - the capital of Trumpworld.

If, as expected, he bases himself here, he'll be among America's richest political donors, as he plans his future.

President Trump's Mar-a-lago home in Florida is in the crosshairs of Hurricane Dorian. Credit: AP

ITV News Senior International Correspondent John Irvine reports from Mar-a-Lago, saying: "As well as the luxury, this place has other advantages, not least a legal loophole that's unique to Florida residents."

He said: "It's called Homestead creditor protection and it prevents banks from seizing the homes of people who don't pay back loans.

"The Trump Organisation is said to be in debt to the tune of $400 million, much of it personally guaranteed by the president himself," he added.

Rosalind Clarke, originally from Tunbridge Wells, moved to Florida 40 years ago.

Like all Palm Beach estate agents, she's familiar with Mr Trump's history on the island.

She told ITV News: "When he first came here, he wasn't very popular because he wanted to fly the this enormous flag which did not comply to the rules of the Palm Beach town, and they're quite fussy about that."

"Of course, he has an ability to get these things through and he managed to keep his flag and now you'll see it flying above Mar-a-Lago," she added.

Della Striker will be one of those welcoming Mr Trump to Palm Beach.

On the night of the presidential election she danced for joy when he won Florida - the state that'll soon be his home and she believes, the springboard for his comeback.

She told ITV News: "I think that 80 million people that voted for him, had studied a lot and know more.

"They stand with him and they're standing behind him."