Exclusive: Deprived school children still denied access to computers and education

  • Video report by ITV News UK Editor Paul Brand

Figures given exclusively to ITV News have uncovered that children are still being denied a proper education because they can't get the equipment they need.

The survey of teachers exposes the painfully slow progress in getting them access to laptops and the internet for classes at home.

It also reveals a huge gulf between rich and poor pupils when it comes to having adequate tools to learn online.

The poll carried out for the Sutton Trust by Teacher Tapp shows

  • 7% of schools in England said all of their pupils had access to a device in March compared to just 10% now.

  • Internet access has only gone from 8% to 10%

  • 54% of private schools say all their students have access to the right equipment but only 2% of state schools can say the same in the most deprived areas.

Headteacher for Halifax Academy Matt Perry says the school has taken delivery of some laptops from the government but he says a third of his pupils still can't learn from home.

He said: "They've had ten months since 23rd March, basically, to be able to provide this and I think that's why schools are frustrated.

"Teachers have been phenomenal in creating resources for students online only to be dashed, then, by a physical infrastructure issue which could have been solved centrally."

Despite the gap in provision Schools Minister Nick Gibb is insisting that all schools will have the laptops they need very soon.

Asked why the government is taking so long to sort this out, he told ITV News UK Editor Paul Brand: "The vast majority have had deliveries of devices. We've had a million computers that have been purchased.

"By the end of this week, three quarters of a million computers will have been delivered to schools making sure the children who need them most have them."