Hero jogger saves dog from icy water but here's why you shouldn't do the same

Video report by ITV News Reporter Damon Green

Forcing his way through the ice, runner Darcy Pell wades through the freezing water to a dog in distress.

He had plunged into the frozen lake to rescue the drowning dog in West Yorkshire at the weekend.

Once the dog and Darcy were on dry land - he continued his winter run.

"When I saw the dog actually stopping, not trying to get out anymore... that's when I thought he needs a bit of help this dog," he told ITV News.

"I had a little run off, it came back to me and shook its water on me just to say, I suppose, thank you and then it just carried on with its walk."

But he said he's not a hero - and warned others not to copy him because of the dangers of such icy cold water.