Donald Trump and seven days that will define America

We now face seven days of huge uncertainty.An impeachment and an inauguration is a certainty. Further political violence is a possibility.In a week, the Trump presidency will be over, but not necessarily the Trump era. The possibility is high that once Joe Biden is in the White House we will be talking about... Donald Trump.

Once the House Article of Impeachment passes - on that single charge of inciting an insurrection - the Senate will hold the trial. As that plays out on national TV, imagine the mood of Trump.Grim, humiliated, isolated, seeking revenge on the Democrats and moderate Republicans who are impeaching him.

It will be a toxic and volatile moment. His hardline supporters and the militias may threaten revenge. The pressure from them on Republican lawmakers is immense.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney has broken ranks and now favours impeachment. Some more will follow. The rupture in the Republican Party is complete. It is in disarray.

Trump been banned by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. So what will he say to his loyalists and how will he say it without his social media megaphone.Yesterday, on a trip to Texas, he made what appeared to be an explicit threat.Trump was telling Democrats that I’d they sought to destroy his presidency in the final days, they “should be careful what they wish for”.

It sounded like he was readying another mob to be his enforcers and protectors.

And that’s the danger: conspiracy theorists feel now radicalised and unrepresented in Washington. They believe that Joe Biden is not the legitimate president.Some may go underground.

If we are hoping for a quieter 2021 we may have been mistaken. Circumstances don’t appear to be pushing America to a belated sense of unity and tolerance.

Quite the opposite. There is a rift at the heart of American society.

It’s political, cultural and informational.

Joe Biden's inauguration could be another flashpoint. Credit: AP

But one step at a time. Let’s gets through impeachment and the inauguration before we must think about the prospect of militias taking on the authorities amid a pandemic.

Sometimes you wonder why Joe Biden even wanted the job.