The forensic scientist who helped bring the Bullseye killer to justice

  • Video report by ITV News Wales and West of England Correspondent Rupert Evelyn

The Pembrokeshire Murders has proved to be a compelling watch for millions and it tells the story of a forensic scientist who helped to solve two cold case double murders.

Dr Angela Gallop established the link between John Cooper – known as the Bullseye killer – and his victims.

The murders took place in the 1980s and Dr Gallop used techniques that would not have been possible at the time of the initial investigation.

She told ITV News: “There were some really dramatic moments…it would have been possible to find the tiny amount of blood found on the shorts that John Cooper had at the time, but we couldn’t have analysed it.”

Her work sits next to other high profile cases such as the murders of Stephen Lawrence and Damilola Taylor.

Other than finances she sees no reason why science won't continue to solve the unsolved crimes.