Vaccine: When Will I Get It? - Tonight

On Tuesday Boris Johnson plunged England back into a third national lockdown that will last until mid February, with schools closed and everyone told to stay home. The pandemic has changed our way of life beyond recognition but what is the solution, what is the way out?

The race is now on to get the vaccine to 15 million people by the middle of next month. Dr Oscar Duke investigates the UK’s largest ever vaccination programme and asks when and how each of us will receive it.

In the programme we talk to David, an A&E doctor in the capital about his experience, he tells us;

“I’ve seen young people go to intensive care, unfortunately young people die from this. Yes, the majority of people are older. But young people die and they shouldn’t.”

And Chris Hopson, the CEO of NHS Providers, explains the increased pressure that NHS trusts are under during the second wave with the epicenters being Kent and the South East of the country.

“All the evidence suggests that this vaccine will be effective against the new variant...the Pfizer vaccine can be tweaked within about six weeks to ensure that it takes account of any new variant.”

Chris Hopson, CEO of NHS Providers

Dr Oscar Duke received his vaccine in our programme tonight. He states;

“I’ll be watching out for the common side effects, like a sore arm, a slight headache or feeling a little bit flu-like. And if that happens, I'll have some paracetamol. Some health experts advise drinking any alcohol a couple of days before and up to two weeks after getting the jab.”

Dr Oscar Duke

In a survey, over half (52%) of all respondents definitely will have the vaccine if it's offered to them. Drops to a quarter (23%) in the 18-24 age group but rises to 80% in the 65s plus.Over half (51%) have some concerns about potential side effects of the vaccine.Only 38% of people feel totally comfortable with the speed the vaccines have been approved.75% of respondents used traditional media as their main source of news- so a quarter used social media, youtube/ other outlets or tended not to read the news.Three quarters (74%) say they will follow all the rules in the current lockdown, 21% will 'mostly' follow the rules, only 3% refuse to follow the rules at all.As you wait for your appointment, there are some fake texts doing the rounds and sadly there are always people happy to take advantage. So, never give your bank details. You can’t buy the vaccine - it’s free.

These are tough times, but the nation has also been stepping up to help each other. And that includes retired medics, firefighters and even ex-cabin crew all joining forces to help deliver the vaccine. 

Comedian Justin Moorhouse helps to drive vulnerable people to their vaccine appointments as part of the Stockport Car Scheme.

Justin Moorhouse, a comedian who has stepped up to help during the lockdown to get older and vulnerable people to their vaccine appointments, says;

“When you see the doctors coming out into the car park administering vaccines into cars in the dark in the snow last night because some people can’t get out of the car, it’s amazing.”

Justin Moorhouse

'Vaccine: When Will I Get It?' is on ITV Thursday (14th January) at 7:30pm.Useful Links:

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