How the UK Covid vaccine rollout compares to the rest of the world

The UK was the first western nation to begin the roll-out of the coronavirus vaccine and according to official data has given more jabs per 100 people in the population than any other European country.

But how does it compare with the rest of the world?

According to official data collected by Our World in Data, the UK is in the top four countries worldwide and ahead of the USA when comparing the number of doses per 100 of the population.

Ahead of the UK are three Middle Eastern countries - Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain which have handed out more than eight jabs per 100 of their population.

Israel and the UAE have given out the most number of doses of the vaccine per 100 of their population. Credit: Our World in Data

As of January 18, the UK administered 6.34 doses per 100 of the population.

The figures relate to the total number of vaccination doses administered as a single dose which which may not equal the total number of people vaccinated if more than one jab is required.

It is therefore not possible to calculate the percentage of the population that have been fully vaccinated.

However, the UK has handed out more jabs than the USA and all of Europe and North America.

The UK has administered more doses per 100 people than the US and Europe.

How many jabs have been administered in the UK so far?

  • England 3,365,492

  • Wales 126,375

  • Scotland 224,840

  • Northern Ireland 140,559 

However, the figures show that more then 5.68% of the UK have received at least one dose of the vaccine compared to 3.2% in the USA and 2.8% in the next European country, Denmark.

France is faring particularly badly when looking at the statistics within Europe with less than 1% of the population receiving one dose.

Denmark, Malta, Slovenia and Italy follow the UK with the most number of jabs administered when looking at European countries.

The European Union has handed out a total of 5.5 million doses of the virus compared to 4.31 million in the UK alone.

Germany and Italy have administered just over one million jabs, according to the latest data.

Vaccines in England are set to be rolled out on a 24-hour basis by the end of the month and jabs are to be offered to the over-70s and clinically vulnerable this week.

However, the Welsh government has faced criticism for vaccinating fewer people in proportion to its population compared to other home nations.

First Minister Mark Drakeford defended the slower rollout saying the Pfizer vaccine could not be used all at once.