Washington DC on edge as huge security operation places city on lockdown ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration

The US military on guard in Washington DC as security tightens ahead of the inauguration. Credit: AP

Washington DC is on lockdown as it prepares for the inauguration of Joe Biden, exactly two weeks on from the deadly riot at the US Capitol.

Amid the tightest security this city has seen since the Civil War, law enforcement officials are contending not only with the potential for outside threats, but also with rising concerns about an insider attack by troops with a duty to protect the incoming president.

There have been no specific threats made against Mr Biden, but little is being left to chance.

The nation’s capital is essentially on lockdown.

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Riot fencing and razor wire reinforce the security zone on Capitol Hill; tanks and concrete barriers block the streets and the National Mall is closed. Fencing lines the perimeter of the US Capitol complex. There are checkpoints at major junctions.

Here’s what the nation’s capital looks like on this historic day.

Riot fencing and razor wire reinforce the security zone on Capitol Hill. Credit: AP
National Guard troops patrolling the streets. Credit: AP
Troops in the shadow of the Capitol building. Credit: AP
A street leading to the White House is blocked by police and security fencing. Credit: AP
Pedestrians pass a checkpoint on Black Lives Matter Plaza as the White House stands in the background while security is increased. Credit: AP
A security team patrols in front of the White House. Credit: AP
Parts of Washington DC are in lockdown. Credit: AP
Washington DC police ride their bicycles past St. Matthews Church. Credit: AP

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