Jonathan Van-Tam’s mother has her Covid-19 vaccination

The 79-year-old mother of England’s deputy chief medical officer has had her coronavirus vaccination.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam has previously spoken about encouraging his mother Elizabeth Van-Tam to be ready to receive the vaccine when she got the call.

Prof Van-Tam, who said his mother calls him “Jonny”, said he had told her it was “really important” to get the jab “because you are so at risk”.

She had her vaccination on Thursday at a GP surgery in Whittlesey, six miles east of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Ms Van-Tam, who turned 79 this month, said afterwards: “I was really happy to get my Covid-19 vaccine.

“While I’ve had lots of reminders from Jonathan, I needed no encouragement when I received my phone call.

“The jab didn’t hurt at all and the NHS staff were excellent.

“I would encourage everyone to take up the offer when it comes.”