Government's new Covid advert: 'Can you look them in the eyes and tell them you’re helping by staying at home?'

The government has launched a new advert that asks people to "look in the eyes" of Covid sufferers and tells them to stay at home.

The advert features numerous shots of close-ups focused on Covid sufferers and frontline health workers.

The advert ends with "look them in the eyes and tell them you're doing all you can to stop the spread of Covid-19.

"Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives."

One of the new government adverts. Credit: UK Government.

Alex Whitfield, Chief Executive of Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust whose hospital the advert and film was created in, said“We are going through the biggest national health emergency that many of us will see during our lifetime. "

He said his staff and other hospitals were working "around the clock" to treat Covid-19 patients.

He added: "We hope that by having a film crew in here to hear how much pressure our hospital and staff are under, the public will get an understanding of what happens here every day. The threat is very real to us all.”

The advert comes as the NHS is still suffering record numbers of Covid-19 patients.

Over 4,000 patients were admitted on Thursday with many hospitals struggling to find room for the rising numbers.

The country has been in lockdown since the start of January and the government has been reluctant to commit to an end date for restrictions.

On Friday government scientists estimated the R in the UK was between 0.8 to 1, the first time its been below 1 since early December.

Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty, said: “The impact of the current wave is still putting significant pressure on hospitals across the country and many patients are very sick. 

“Vaccines give clear hope for the future, but for now we must all continue to play our part in protecting the NHS and saving lives.”