Covid: The place where the coronavirus vaccine is being distributed at incredible speed

  • Video report by ITV News Reporter Frankie McCamley

Even when it's going perfectly, a vaccine rollout takes time. But there's a place we can see it happening at an almost shocking speed - where the vaccination of all of the vulnerable and health workers has just begun - and will be finished in under a week.

With isolation on the Scilly Isles practically built in - the 2,000 residents have avoided some of the strictest lockdowns coronavirus brought - becoming the only part of England to remain in tier one - with only a handful of cases reported. The small population means the first rollout of the vaccine should be complete within a week . For some, getting their first dose is a huge relief as the tourism industry accounts for 85% of the economy. So, with islanders getting the protection they need - businesses will be looking ahead to see how they can open to the customers they need from the mainland.