Donald Trump unlikely to stay silent as former president gears up for impeachment hearing

Donald Trump is unlikely to stay silent during his impeachment hearing. Credit: AP

Later today, we will get a glimpse of what may lie ahead in next week’s historic second impeachment hearing.

Those running the trial, nine congressmen and women who act as impeachment managers, must lay out the bones of their case against former President Trump.

They will detail their arguments against the ex-President, why they believe he must face censure and be barred from office in the future. Why they believe he should be convicted of "incitement of insurrection".

It will also be a chance for his legal team, a day into their new jobs, to lay out their defence.

Mr Trump himself is said to still believe his disproven argument, that the election was stolen, remains the best line of defence despite causing a split at the weekend with his previous defence team.

The trial in the Senate will begin next week.

The more measured belief is the best defence remains that the hearing itself is unconstitutional. In many ways, what the defence is will make very little difference to the outcome.

No one expects the Senate to get the two thirds vote against the 45th occupant of office.

Few are getting involved in the pro-Trump chatter as in the last impeachment, not necessarily because they are so horrified by what happened on January 6 but more because they don’t feel there is a need.

As for a star witness, well there is one who would probably want the chance to air his views again but those defending him will seek to avoid that.

However, few expect Donald Trump to stay silent throughout.

The days ahead may see the former President returning to the friendly embrace of those media outlets which championed his cause through the years of his presidency.

The less said the better has never been his policy - in fact that is partly what brought him to this point in the first place.

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