Concerns over South African Covid variant lead newspaper front pages

Newspaper front pages lead on concerns over the South Africa variant in the UK Credit: Metro/Guardian

A number of national newspapers lead with the concerns over the South African variant of Covid-19 after Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned 105 cases have been identified in the UK.

Tens of thousands of people in a number of postcode areas have been told to take "extra special precaution" in order to avoid spreading the South African variant of coronavirus.

While many newspapers splashed on news on the new variant, vaccines and testing, the Daily Telegraph focused on Boris Johnson's plans to reopen schools as cases fall.

The Financial Times focused on the trading frenzy that originated from the buying of Gamestop stock leading to Robinhood raising an extra $2.4 billion from investors. And the Daily Star's front page suggests the Prime Minister is optimistic about summer holidays this year.

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