The seven-year-old twins who are among the world's youngest published authors

  • Video report by ITV News Senior Correspondent Paul Davies

Meet Eva and Amaira, the seven-year-old twins who have written and published their own book during the coronavirus pandemic.

The pair have found inspiration from their experiences and observations made during the long hours stuck at home.

Many of the short stories they have written are based on the creatures they have discovered in their own garden including a fly stuck in a spider's web in their garden to their research project on hares and rabbits.

The twins found inspiration for their book in their back garden. Credit: ITV News

Writing about their discoveries have turned out to be more fun than homeschooling.

When asked by ITV News Senior Correspondent Paul Davies what the secret is to writing a good book, Eva said: "Make your imagination go wild!"

They have said they would like the proceeds to help people with disabilities including research into Muscular Dystrophy - a muscle-wasting condition which affects their father.