Girl, 8, volunteers to feed and clothe homeless in Liverpool during lockdown

  • Video report by ITV News Reporter Mark Mcquillan

An eight-year-old girl is braving the cold every week to ensure homeless people in her community are well fed and clothed during the Covid lockdown.

Tilly-Mae Hunking, from St Helens, even shared her own birthday cake with rough sleepers and homeless people in Liverpool over the weekend and tried to give a man her birthday money.

She was inspired by her aunt Jordan Hunking to bake cakes, deliver hot drinks and deliver essentials to those in need in the city every Sunday night.

The pupil from St Anne's Catholic Primary School - who has been described by her aunt as having a "heart of gold" - said she does what she does "because people need help and you can help them".

Tilly volunteers with her aunt to give hot drinks and food to people in need Credit: ITV News

The youngster added: "I feel happy because it makes people more happy."

Aunt Jordan said: "Everyone is so proud of her. You cannot even explain, even her school, her teachers printed a load of rewards for her. They've been making her the topic of the class, talking about kindness and giving and receiving. All the family and friends are really proud and all the volunteers."

Jordan, who volunteers with her friend Dominic Lipscombe's charity Help Finder, said Tilly asked if she could join her one weekend and "she has loved it ever since".

She added: "I can't even say I'm going to pick a donation up, because she wants to come with me."