Five of the most shocking videos of the Capitol riots not seen before

Even the former vice president had to be evacuated to safety. Credit: AP

Evidence given at Donald Trump's impeachment trial has unearthed startling footage from the deadly Capitol Hill riots for the first time.

Security camera video shows how close some staff, senators and their family came to physical harm.

Some rioters wore full body armour, others carried Confederate flags - and former vice president Mike Pence and Speaker Nacy Pelosi were prime targets.

Below are five of the most shocking videos to come out of the trial so far.

'Hang Mike Pence'

Before mobs flooded into the Capitol building, many were stood outside chanting "hang Mike Pence" after he refused to overturn the election result.

In this video, you can clearly hear the chanting.

The former vice president is evacuated

The former vice president was almost subjected to more than verbal abuse.

Here he is being evacuated from the building with his family.

The first break-in

It all began with a mob - which included members of the far-right group 'Proud Boys' - breaking in to the building with poles and baseball bats.

Here you can see the second person to step foot inside the building wore full body armour, while another broke in holding a Confederate flag.

The Confederacy supported slavery and fought against the Union in the American Civil War.

Nancy Pelosi's staff barricade themselves in

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's offices were ransacked by the rioters and this video shows how close her staff came to harm.

After barricading themselves into a room, you can hear an audio of staff whispering as the mob tries to break down the door.

Mitt Romney's close call

Senator Mitt Romney, who once challenged Barack Obama for the presidency as the Republican candidate, did not realise he was heading right into harm's way in the Capitol.

Here you can see an officer running in the opposite direction, warning the senator to turn around.