How perilously close some came to real danger in Capitol riots

Some came close to real danger during the riot. Credit: ITV News

Many of those who were caught up in the attack on the US Capitol will have been left deeply traumatised by what they experienced.

The first day of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is likely to have added to that trauma, as minute by minute the impeachment team worked through the events of that day.

Many will have felt they had a lucky escape on January 6, they will now know just how lucky.

Wednesday’s evidence highlighted how close some came to real peril, amongst them many of the country’s most senior politicians.

Some were just 58 steps from the mob.

The moment then Vice-President Mike Pence was evacuated from the chamber:

Mitt Romney heading straight for the baying crowd, until a police officer tells him to turn and run.

Chuck Schumer trying to get away, turns a corner and finds himself in their midst.

He to runs for his safety. The Vice President and his family being bundled out as protesters bayed for his blood.

The impeachment managers are working on that fear, fighting for every vote by taking people back to that day.

Members of the Proud Boys group have been identified at the US Capitol riots on January 6. Credit: AP

To remind them of the violence, the danger, the threat to each and every one of the 100 voting senators.

They want anger, horror and sorrow to inform their choice when it comes to the time to vote. They know they won’t get those votes, however hard they argue their case.

But it’s not just politicians in the chamber who see and hear this evidence, it is voters across the country.

Democrats may not get the votes to impeach but they are trying to ensure Donald Trump doesn’t get enough to win if he dares stand again.