Eurovision winning Brotherhood of Man singer Nicky Stevens trades tour for gigs at a local care home

  • Video report by ITV News Reporter Nitya Rajan

As part of Brotherhood of Man, Nicky Stevens won the 1976 Song for Europe with the worldwide hit Save your Kisses for Me.

This year, the group were forced to kiss goodbye to their tour thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

But Ms Stevens found another audience to entertain - at her local care home.

"With Brotherhood of Man we had a full diary of work for the whole year and of course it was all cancelled," the singer said.

"Luckily I saw this job advertised - are you a singer, are you an entertainer? - well, yes I have been for several years, what is this job about?"

The Eurovision winner has said being a care home companion has changed her life.

Touching her heart, she said: "It makes you feel great here, it really does."